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21 February 2019
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General Information

 A.  Audio Transcription - Digital
In order to make a recording of your work so it can be typed, you will need some form of recording device such as a dictaphone and recording software.  If you don't have a dictaphone, a headset with attached microphone will also work (USB is preferable as jacks require configuration with the software).  For further product information see the following websites:
NCH is a supplier of software and you can easily download a free two week trial version of Express Dictate recording software or you may buy it online as a download for about AUD$100.  After recording your work, the audio file will be ready for emailing.  Express Dictate can be downloaded in Windows or MacIntosh formats.


If your transcription is short, save it into a music/media file and email it to

All audio transcriptions emailed to Ascot VLA are deleted when the client has finalised the work.
If your transcription is long, save it into our shared Dropbox folder (see Dropbox below).
Contact the office to inform of pending work. 
B.  Dropbox
Sometimes audio transcription files can be rather large and, if emailed, the audio file runs the risk of being rejected because of the size.  To combat this problem it is generally best to sign up to, the cloud sharing system of choice by most virtual assistants.
Dropbox has an option of 2GB of memory for free or if you want more memory, this can be purchased.
The client sets up their own transcription file within Dropbox and then invites Ascot VLA as having access to the transcription file.  If there are any other files within Dropbox that the client wants to keep private, Ascot VLA will not have access to them unless the client sends an invitation to other folders.  Ascot VLA does not keep copies of audio transcriptions.
The typed documents can be easily moved from Dropbox into folders on your computer by right clicking on your mouse and dragging the document into the correct folder.
If you have any questions or require assistance with setting up Dropbox on your computer, contact the office.
C.  Handwritten Notes and Edits
These can be either emailed, faxed or posted. If you wish to fax the notes, contact the office prior to sending.
D.  Software
Ascot VLA uses Windows software, including Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel.
E.  Internet Security
Ascot VLA is protected by Kaspersky Pure 3.0.  If you would like to read more about Kaspersky internet protection, the website is 
F.  PayPal

The clients wanting to pay with a credit card will be sent a PayPal invoice via email with directions as how to pay using a credit card.  PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express and Eurocard.  All payments must be made in Australian dollars.  Visit the website at for more information regarding this service.

Many businesses use Paypal as it's generally regarded as being a very secure and convenient service.
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