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Ascot Virtual Legal Assistant ("Ascot VLA") specialises in providing administrative services to legal practitioners who require additional support to manage their businesses successfully.  Ascot VLA has been assisting businesses since 2013.


VLAs have provent to be cost efficient as they charge only for the time spent attending to a client's work.  There is no need for holiday or sick pay or any other benefits.  VLAs provide their own office space, various equipment, computer and internet access. 


Ascot VLA's Robyn Jones has over 15 years' legal assistant experience inclusive of working at partner and barrister level and has extensive experience in litigation matters as well as other areas of law including commercial, family, probate, construction and property related matters. 


Some of the many services provided by Ascot VLA are as follows:

  • audio and handwritten transcription,
  • copy typing,
  • court document typing,
  • recorded interview typing,
  • correspondence,
  • perform searches
  • formatting and editing of documents,
  • writing initial draft letters,
  • invoicing and
  • follow up outstanding invoices.

Allow your firm to benefit from the experience of a senior legal assistant for your typing overload or casual service requirements.  Trustworthy office support is only a telephone call or email away.


Robyn fully understands the importance of client confidentiality and, as a virtual legal assistant, steadfastly stands by her responsibilty private the details of all matters.


Confidentiality is guaranteed and a contract is signed with each new client that protects the information and privacy of your firm.